COVID-19 Relief Program:
Free Custom-Branded App Access for Healthcare Facilities

Give your healthcare professionals healthy with 60 days of free at-home workouts and custom meal plans.

Due to the current pandemic with the coronavirus (COVID-19), times are especially tough right now. At Transform, we truly believe in helping those on the front lines of this battle stay healthy and strong.

With your free custom branded app, you can offer your coworkers:

  • Hundreds of at-home workouts with videos, exercise modifications, & more (from beginner to advanced)
  • Customized meal plans (including easy-to-make recipes considering current food shortages)
  • Macro tracking with a library of over 800,000 foods.
  • Water tracking for optimum hydration.
  • Progress tracking with pictures, weight and measurements.

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To partner with The Transform App and give your healthcare facilities a branded, personalized at-home fitness solution for the next 60 days FREE, simply fill out this form:

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Please upload a png file of your logo on a clear or white background. Crop any extra space for the best fit on screen. Logos only, no selfies :)

I am an representative of this facility and I have permission to use this logo.


We Want to Give Back to Help YOU!

This is our opportunity to give back, to help the people who are putting their lives at risk to help all of us. Together, we can keep your work force healthy and strong, support your Healthcare Facilities, and do a world of good!


The #1 Weight Loss & Transformation App


Your daily dashboard will lead you to health and fitness success. It's all right here.

Instead of using dozens of different apps, websites, message boards. and articles, The TRANSFORM App brings everything together. Select your daily meals. Crush a workout. Monitor your day-to-day progress. Watch and learn weekly nutrition tips and life lessons. Share a victory with your new best friends. The possibilities are endless.


Choose from a menu of over 500 meals, with every recipe specifically adjusted to your fitness goals!

You don't have to eat tasteless food or stress about what you're going to make for dinner! With meals ranging from Grab-n-Go to Gourmet, we have hundreds of meals that will fit your lifestyle. Plan your meals up to two weeks in advance. Enjoy custom shopping lists, gourmet and quick-prep meals, and even a fast food guide and locator!


Track your macros with our custom meals or with our database of over 750,000 foods.

It is finally here. We have created the most interactive macro-tracking experience to date. Select your foods or meals, and watch your macro dials animate to show you exactly how much you have eaten and how many are remaining. Hit your macros, collect your checkmarks, and watch your body transform!


Each workout you complete is part of a progression, challenging you more as you get fitter.

The app features over 1000 workouts, from at-home body weight to full iron gm, to functional cross training. Injured or just starting out? Every exercise has a one-touch modifier or alternate, so EVERYONE can finish the workouts. Chris & Heidi teach you the moves, and then coach you through each workout from start to finish!


Document every step of your Journey, from progress pics to weigh-ins and measurements.

Earn badges for your accomplishments. Share your thoughts, feelings, and pictures in your private journal. This is a major chapter in the story of your life, so have fun creating it!


Grow and progress with tens of thousands of others who are changing their bodies and lives, just like you.

Connect with others going through their own experiences. Get motivation, support and accountability from the most loving and caring community of like-minded people transforming together!